Meta.01 Are Some Snazzy, Albeit Expensive, Augmented Reality Glasses


meta01Some might say the world is already “augmented” enough. After all, when we see things, we actually see things. When we grab things, the things we grab are actually manipulated in real time(as if they actually existed.) So the idea, to some, of augmented reality eyewear seems like a bridge to nowhere. However, as the enduring and mystical popularity of Google Glass has shown us, there is a lot of room for growth in the marketplace for kooky glasses. Here is another pair that might just blow your mind, oh, and also your wallet.

Meta, a company with an appropriate name, has been quietly slaving away on their Meta.01 augmented reality specs. Their labors have finally begun to bear fruit, as these sweet shades are just about available for consumer purchase. What’s so cool about them? Well, they not only augment reality but allow you to participate in said augmented reality in real time. For example, you can wear them to type on a virtual keyboard right in the air or grab and move digital objects with your hands. Think of it as a pair of high-tech eyeglasses combined with the camera-tech of the Kinect sensor. It’s the best of both worlds, as it were. Plus they look like pair of old school Oakleys!

The best part? You can pre-order these glasses now. The worst part? They cost a whole lot of money, nearly $700. That sure is quite expensive just to be able to type on a virtual keyboard. However, as more uses and applications rear their pretty little heads we are sure that hefty price tag will start to make sense. The company says these will ship in November.