Menswear 2.0 Spring 2008 fashion show


Menswear 2.0

The Milano Moda Uomo (Milan Menswear) Spring 2008 is poised to tackle Menswear 2.0 as it elevates fashion into the 21st century.

Menswear 2.0 sounds like geek speak. The internet now has Web 2.0, which means that it has evolved since it burst into the scene during the 1990s and literally changed the way we live and communicate, Menswear 2.0 also means taking it into an entirely new level.

Last month during the ‘Fashion in Motion‘ show, Zegna, a well known brand of men’s luxury clothing participated in the runway show that featured the most innovative and creative products and prototypes in Wearable Electronic.

FashionWindows has an excellent article posted about Fashion and Technology = Wearable Electronic. Here are a few statements from this article:

Zegna’s iJacket, a luxury sport jacket that features an interior jacket pocket that stores the iPod … the controls of the iPod is located on the sleeves … Functional? Yes! Stylish? Definitely. It’s Zegna!

To most fashionistas, this is just a novelty, something that the geeks of Silicon Valley just imagine. But, when you have a major player like Zegna experimenting with this new technology and combines its sartorial prowess, perhaps, this is not just a fad, but also the way of the future.

Another interesting views:

And here’s a prediction: menswear will incorporate these high tech devices before womenswear for two reasons: (1) men in general are more interested in gizmos and gadgets; and (2) innovations in menswear are subtler and usually not always apparent to the naked eye.

Incorporating Eleksen’s ElekTex, a smart fabric touchpad in the Zegna iJacket did not change the silhouette at all. And, if you don’t look closely, you will not even know it was there.

Move over to FashionWindows to read the complete article, it’s definitely a very interesting read.

[via: FashionWindows]