Memoto to Launch in May 2013

Memoto Auto Cam

Some of your may remember this sites earlier coverage of the Memoto. The tiny camera, which clips to your clothing and takes pictures of your life at five-second intervals, will probably be the next big thing among the small set of people known as lifeloggers.  For those of you who are not familiar with the idea of life logging it is best described as documenting as much of your life as humanly possible. By wearing cameras and taking photos to capture as much of life as possible. The device also adds a GPS tag to the image, one that allows you to tie your image to a location. It could be the ultimate alibi, but there may also be some legal implications to the use of cameras in public, or private, without too informed consent.

The good news for lifeloggers, or people who are just too lazy to take their own vacation photos, is that the device is up and coming in the very near future. The device will release in May, but there is no set date. If you want to be notified at the launch of the device you can fill out a form here to be notified when they go on sale. Just be aware that this ultra small camera will set you back about $279, slightly more than the original Kickstarter estimate of $250 a unit. If you can get some friends to pool in then you can buy three of them for about $749. For now pre-orders are still being taken.

When you buy the unit you will get a one-year subscription to the site owned by the company where you can upload the images. The exact price of a subscription after that first year is not known at the current moment. There is also only a little known about the terms of use and sharing of you images in the long run.