Memoto tiny camera can be clipped anywhere to capture the days of your lives

Memoto Auto Cam

memoto auto cam 1
The worst part about cameras is having to hold them and push a button to snap pictures. Imagine all of the calories saved if we didn’t have to do all of that heavy lifting and heavy, um, pushing! Why, that’s precious energy we could be using on important stuff like holding slices of pizza and sleeping. Luckily, there is a new camera about to come to market that will change all of this forever. Introducing the Memoto.

The Memoto is a tiny, much smaller than a pen, camera that can be clipped anywhere on your person. The hook? It takes pictures automatically throughout the day. There is no button to push. It simply records your life, one snap at a time. The GPS-equipped Memoto takes the photos and then sends them to an app on your phone, organized by date and time and location. You can then choose what to share as you like, or keep the record as a digital scrapbook. You never know what cool images you’ll capture when you aren’t trying at all. Trying is for lazy people! Another tip. Clip this bad boy to your cat’s collar and watch the visual fireworks fly.

So, we can all agree this is one cool piece of tech. What’s the catch? Early adopters will be paying through the nose. One Memoto will set you back $250 plus a monthly storage fee for all of those automatically taken photos. That’s a lot of cheddar for what is essentially a single function unit. It is still currently being funded on Kickstarter, but it has already smashed through it’s goal.