MEMI Wristband is a Smartbracelet Made For Women


Wearable technology tends to not be sex-centric. After all, an awesome VR-enabled set of glasses is equally cool to both male and female. However, once in a while something comes down the pike that is designated to better serve one sex or the other. Thankfully, these devices aren’t downright offensive. There are no smart beer mugs and footballs intended for just guys and smart make up mirrors intended for just the ladies. After all, people are people all over the world no matter their sexual organs. So, with that in mind, here is a smartbracelet that was designed from the ground up to serve women. Let’s see if it’s useful or not.

They are calling it the MEMI, and it’s essentially a bracelet that uses Bluetooth technology to play nice with your smartphone. What kind of info does it beam up to your wrist? The usual suspects. It handles text messaging, incoming calls, calendar events and more. The idea is that when your phone rests in your pocket book, purse or other bag you constantly miss important calls and texts. This way you won’t have to wait idly by to see if your purse “buzzes.” You’ll see the news right on your wrist. The MEMI only works with iPhones, however(for now.)

As far as when you will start seeing this device at your local accessories boutique, it might be a little bit. The designers have popped up on Kickstarter to secure final funding. You can sign up to be an early adopter of this device for just $99.