MedRef App for Google Glass Uses Facial Recognition to Help People



Readers of this blog surely know that Google’s infamous Glass device is now in the hands of (some) consumers. These intrepid Google Explorers have been testing out the device and running it thru its paces. The consensus seems to be that the darned thing rules but there needs to be more things to do with it. Of course, one could say that about any piece of technology, but companies are listening. The useful and ridiculously cool Glass apps are beginning to flow in. Google itself is set to release a more streamlined Google+ app and third party companies from Twitter to Facebook are all prepping Glass-enabled applications. Forget all of that, however. What we have to show you is much, much cooler.

MedRef is an app that uses bona fide facial recognition technology, a first for the device. It’s essentially a patient-tracking device to be used by doctors and medical practitioners. The bells and whistles are pretty standard. You can create a new patient file, peruse old files and add voice or video notes regarding medication, treatment or anything else. Did we mention it uses facial recognition technology to ensure each patient is who they say they are? Now even doctors with the shortest of short term memories will have no excuse but to treat each and every one of their patients with the bedside manner they have become accustomed to.

If you are one of the lucky few who currently sport a Glass device around town, you can download this app for free right now. If you are like the rest of us, however, you’ll have to make due with watching Youtube videos as you dream of a better Glass-enabled day.