Med Sensation’s Glove Tricorder may one day help hypochondriacs diagnose themselves


glove tricorder 1
If you were to make a list of retro  gadgets that crushed the souls of children by being less than advertised, the infamous Power Glove would have to perch atop that list. That thing sucked! It didn’t do anything it was supposed to do! Ok, maybe we are just bitter due to a ruined Christmas or two, but still, the nightmare of that device sure has left a sour taste in our mouths regarding techy gloves. Thankfully, that unlucky streak looks like it is about to be broken.

Med Sensation is been busy prepping their Glove Tricorder which sounds like something out of Star Trek for good reason. This healthy gizmo comes packed in with a veritable arsenal of sensors, including an accelerometer, pressure and temperature modules. These gloves even come with ultrasound pads tucked underneath the fingertips, so doctors can peer inside the body as they poke and prod you. All of these sensors work together to grab a fairly accurate measure of your health.

At the moment, the system is basically suited for medical students. It allows them to get proper feedback as they conduct examinations. However, the company sees some real stellar medical uses for it coming down the pike. The hope is even to one day put these in the hands of the laymen, thus allowing the world’s hypochondriacs to have an even better reason to think they will die in the next fifteen minutes. If you want to see the glove in action, look no further than one centimeter below this paragraph.