Martian Bluetooth watch is controlled via the power of your voice


martian bluetooth watch 1
The world is going other world crazy! That other world being, of course, John Carter’s playground(Mars.) Ever since that mohawked dude safely landed the Curiosity Rover on the barren, red wasteland of our closest neighbor we have gone googoo for Marvin the Martian and his hallowed homeland. This trend continues in the world of smartwatches as you’ll see in the next paragraph.

Hey! It’s the next paragraph. Like we were saying in the previous paragraph, there is a new smartwatch on the market and it’s called the Martian. The Martian watch connects to your Android or iPhone using Bluetooth, then acts as a remote client for your iPhone’s Siri, or Martian’s similar app for Android. You heard that right. That means you can talk into your watch and it’ll know what you are saying and act accordingly. Did somebody say Dick Tracy? Somebody definitely said Dick Tracy.

The OLED screen can scroll basic information, while a tiny multicolored LED gives information about incoming texts and social media messages. It will even let you know if you left your phone somewhere behind. There will be more drunken bar mishaps with your iPhone once you have this alien cutie wrapped around your wrist.

The funding for this project is coming, of course, from the infamous Kickstarter. You can be one of the earliest of the early adopters of this smartwatch for just $95. That’s a pretty sweet deal for something that turns you into a comic book detective from the 1950s. Here is a video of this bad boy in action.