Marks & Spencer uses enzyme technology to keep school uniforms looking new


Kids can be messy, horrible creatures. Well, perhaps we are over-exaggerating the latter but absolutely not the former. At any given moment in the day, a kid is usually covered in dirt, pudding or some kind of awful combination of both. This is fine for them. They don’t care. The more pudding the merrier. However, this can be an annoying task for their caretakers. Cleaning a kid up can be time-consuming indeed. Even worse? If these particular kids attend a school that requires them to wear a school uniform then those uniforms are not long for this world. That can be hard on your pocketbook. It isn’t like the kid will pay! This isn’t 19th century England, after all.

UK retailer Marks & Spencer are on it. They have just announced a new line of school uniforms that use technology to make them more durable. Their Stay NewTN technology uses an enzymatic bioblasting process to keep clothes looking as fresh as the first day of school. Bioblasting? That sounds like something that kids would actually like instead of something that helps keep their clothes clean. The sustainable enzymes are adding to the garments during the textile production, helping the uniforms to be stronger right from the get-go. Not only does this help keep the clothes lasting longer, it is also less of a drain on the environment. A win-win!

The retailer plans on using this tech to ensure their place in the pantheon of eco-friendliness, making them the country’s greenest retailer by 2015. The clothing line is available now, for the young or the young at heart!–haVEY