MapBag GPS bag DIY concept


Ah, the humble GPS. It’s in our phones. It’s in our computers. It’s not, however, in our carry bags. Not until now, that is. A Chicago resident known simply as Josh has been toiling on a project to put the global positioning in backpacks and bags. This could be a boon to the hopelessly lost. Now we don’t have to whip out our phones every time we are lost, which is approximately every two seconds. It’ll be right there on our bags!

This bag can actually fool people into thinking you know which direction you go. You don’t have to look at it, ever. It works by constantly monitoring your position versus your destination. Then, it sends you vibrations to let you know if you are going the right way. Simple and ingenious.

Make sure you check out the project site of the MapBag. It’s neat to see Josh get further and further along with his design.