Malaria Fighting Fashion



Malaria is a disease that is wreaking havoc across the globe. According to the World Health Organization, over half of the worlds population is at risk of Malaria, and in 2010, 660,000 people were killed from Malaria. There are a number of ways to fight Malaria, such as through increased usage of mosquito nets and insect repellant. Another way to fight Malaria is through our good friend wearable technology.

In her 2012 Spring collection entitled “Njehringe”, Matilda Ceesay has created a number of pieces that actively fight Malaria.

The way that it works is that the fabric itself is infused with a special type of “crystal” that acts as an insecticide. Not only are they safe for use on human skin, but they are also durable and they actively repel insects, decreasing insect bites, and more importantly, cases of Malaria.

The impact that this could have on many third world countries is massive. If made accessible at a low cost, this could seriously help wipe Malaria from the planet.

It is expected that our clothes will start to have more of a positive impact on our health in a number of ways, including fighting UV rays, toxins in the environment, and now diseases that are spread through insects.

Currently the line is for adults, but considering that many cases of Malaria are found in children, who are also the most vulnerable to the disease, a line of Malaria fighting clothing for children would be perfect.

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