MakerBot Helps Create RoboHand Device to Help Disabled Individuals


Sure, wearable technology can add some fun new things to our lives. It can help us stay in contact with friends and loved ones easier. It can help us spy on people and record hidden video. It can let us know when our babies make a messy mess in their diapers. But for some, wearable tech is not just something new to try out and be wowed by. For some, it is a necessary part of their lives. After all, the bionics industry and wearable technology go hand in hand. There have been massive leaps in artificial limbs and other helpful medical devices that are quite literally worn. Here is another one.

MakerBot, who are known the world over for being a leading manufacturer of 3D printers, have begun using their know how to create artificial hands for disabled individuals. These RoboHands, as they are called, can be printed out using one of their printers and are quite useful. Created by prop designer Ivan Owen and Richard Van As, RoboHand is especially useful for children who are born without the use of their fingers. The automated, robotic fingers work sort of like puppets, only without the annoying ventriloquism.

The best part of this tech? Due to the relatively inexpensive nature of 3D printing, a hand can be created for just $150. That is a fully functional robotic hand for less than the price of a video game console. This means that children can just buy a new one as they outgrow their previous hands. However, you can help these robotic appendages become even more ubiquitous by donating to their Indiegogo campaign.