Make like Fred Flinstone with this bizarre pedal-less bicycle


flizbike 1
Whether you believe in global warming or not, you must admit that riding a bike around can be good for you. Think of the gas money saved. Think of the, um, calories expended. In short, the further we catapult into the future, the more the humble bicycle becomes increasingly more necessary. The two-wheeled wonder has also been experiencing something of a technological renaissance as of late. New innovations are brought to light often and the world’s biking population couldn’t be happier.

The new hotness in the biking world is, well, similar to the oldest hotness of all. Namely, the hotness Fred Flinstone used to get around his home town of Bedrock. Introducing the Fliz Bike. This concept bicycle transports you using the power of your, well, feet. This concept design takes us back to the original hobby-horse-style walking bike of the 1820s and hangs the rider on the frame in a sling. That’s right. The Fliz Bike doesn’t have a seat. Who needs seats when we have feet! Uh, yeah.

In all seriousness, the concept behind this design is one that the human race has had a lot of time with. It was decades before the invent of pedals and chains. It should work splendidly but will prove difficult to ascend steep inclines. Of course, we’ll know more when the German creators of the Fliz Bike take to the hilly streets. Until then, the concept has been nominated for a prestigious James Dyson design award. We’ll let you know if they, um, walk away with the prize!