Make a Grand Entrance with the Personal Soundtrack Shirt


Many of us love to make a grand entrance when we walk into a room. We might do this by loudly announcing our presence or by simply making small talk as we enter the room, but many of us make sure to garner the attention of everyone in attendance. But what if you want to make such a spectacular entrance that the Queen of England herself would be envious? With the personal soundtrack shirt from ThinkGeek, now you can. The personal soundtrack shirt, in fact, allows you to create a soundtrack, background music if you will, for your entire life. No matter the situations, you can easily enrich your life and, in the process, provide enjoyment for not only yourself, but for all of those around you as well.

Personal Soundtrack shirt

What is the Personal Soundtrack Shirt?

The idea behind the personal soundtrack shirt began, ironically enough, as a simple April Fool’s Day joke by the geniuses at ThinkGeek. But because of the huge interest in the theoretical product, including hundreds of emails practically begging them to actually make the shirt, ThinkGeek decided to listen and produced the fantastic piece of clothing. As the name suggests, the personal soundtrack shirt creates a musical score for your life. The shirt utilizes a 20 button remote that cycles through a number of preloaded or personal sound effects and uses four AA batteries with a Velcro speaker. When a button on the remote is pressed, the device plays a corresponding mp3 file through the shirt’s speaker. While the personal soundtrack shirts comes with 20 preset music files, they can easily be changed to add your own unique flair.

Customizing the Personal Soundtrack Shirt

0a5b_personal_soundtrack_shirt_remoteTo customize the personal soundtrack shirt and add your own sound files, you simply have to insert a Secure Digital (SD) card loaded with standard mp3 files. The files will have to be renamed to correspond with the numbered buttons on the device’s remote in order to work properly. For instance, to have a particular mp3 file, like maybe the Imperial March from Star Wars, play whenever you press the number 6, simply grab a copy of the Imperial March in mp3 format, give it the filename 6.mp3, and drop it on the SD card. If you add the letter L to the filename, for instance 6L.mp3, the file will loop and play continuously until another button is pressed on the remote.

Use the Personal Soundtrack Shirt as a Portable Speaker

The personal soundtrack shirt is not limited to just 20 preset or personal mp3 sound effects, however. With the included input jack on the shirt’s battery box, you can easily attach a portable audio player with a standard headphone cable. The shirt’s speaker will amplify the music from the portable audio player. You will need to control the volume on the player itself, however.


Soundtrack Shirt Product Features

The personal soundtrack shirt provides basic audio features, including a speaker on the front of the shirt and a pocket remote with 20 buttons that, by default, allows you to easily select up to 10 different sound effects and 10 musical themes. It uses standard mp3 files, which are easily changed. In case you need to restore the original music, ThinkGeek provides a small downloadable zip file that contains the default tunes. The shirt can be washed as normal, you simply need to remove battery pack and speaker from the shirt first.