Mainstream media reports on new Apple watch details


Ah, Apple’s coming foray into the smartwatch sector is as mythical as the last unicorn, or take-out pizza that actually tastes good. We started reporting on rumors that began circulating from Cupertino months back and it look as though the so-called mainstream media is now getting hip to our jive. Well, it may as well have happened sometime. In short, not only are these rumors seemingly verified but there are some new details to boot. Read on, dear readers, read on.

The venerable New York Times, along with the equally venerable Wall Street Journal, have both reported on the legitimacy of these rumors. It seems that Apple is indeed throwing its hat into the smartwatch ring, which to readers of this blog is a no brainer. What new details have these reporters trudged up? Well, NYT indicates that the watch will have rounded edges and use curved glass. They also say the watches would run a modified form of iOS. If it has its own OS that is device-specific, we can at least rest easy knowing that these watches should be much more than just glorified iPod Nanos with wrist straps attached.

WSJ goes one step further, claiming that the company has already entered into the the manufacturing stage, with everyone’s favorite paragon of employee happiness, Foxconn, at the helm. Of course, even with big time journalism behind these claims, it should still be taken with a grain of iSalt. Apple likes to play things close to the cuff. We’ll let you know more as soon we know more.