This Magic Ring Lets You Write Stuff in the Air


The world currently has, or soon will have, enough smartwatches and smartbands to choke a smarter than average horse (Mr. Ed.) However, there isn’t so much in the way of smart other-kinds-of-jewelry. Sure, there are a few odds and ends here and then, a smart earring or two. But it certainly isn’t a genre of consumer item unto itself. That may be changing, however, slowly but surely. Companies are starting to get hip to the fact that not everyone wants stuff around their wrist. Here is a popular electronics company that is putting something around your finger instead!

Fujitsu, better known for making a whole ton of stuff you may or may not have bought at some point in your life, have just unveiled a smart-ring of sorts that allows you to quite literally write in the air, like magic. It works thanks to a built in motion sensor and accelerometer, coupled with a Bluetooth sensor to transfer the movement information to a computer or other device. It also comes equipped with NFC technology to easily obtain instructions on how to operate a particular functionality.

Of course, as is easily seen by the above picture, this is only a prototype device. It’s not going to be winning any design awards, in other words. However, it won’t be long until the company tightens up said design and makes it wearable to those of us with discernible taste. Fujitsu has not announced a price but they have suggested that they’d like to see it on store shelves by the end of the year. In the meantime, you can just, uh, wear a regular ring and pretend.