Macy’s and P. Diddy team up to release a pricey digital sweater


A wise man once said “mo money, mo problems.” That same wise man is now teaming up with one of the world’s largest department stores in order to bring a new digital sweater to the market, thus potentially racking in tons more money. He must like problems. Who doesn’t, though? Amirite?

That’s right, Puff Daddy P. Diddy Sean Combs has teamed up with the ultimate creator of the universe’s best Thanksgiving parade Macy’s to bring about a digital sweater for a digital age. The sweater is a beautifully piece of knit-ware that skews toward the higher end of the textiles on offer by Macy’s. The hook? It has an embedded screen. That’s right, this sweater comes packed in with a 2.8-inch, high-def screen with a 10-hour battery life and 2GB. Now you can finally ruin the ending of LOST for people on the fly, just by loading some episodes on to your sweater. Don’t worry. The screen is on your sleeve and not in the center of your chest, which would be awfully strange.

The only problem with this style savvy sweater? The cost. One single unit will set you back nearly $300. You can get it without all of the techy add-ons for just $93, however. We can’t figure out why anyone would do that though. After all, what’s a sweater without a wearable display?!