Machina MIDI Controller Jacket


Machina 1
As we begin to wear more and more technology, we also begin to be able to use this wearable technology for art. This is where the new Machina MJ v01 MIDI controller jacket comes in. While this isn’t the first jacket that doubles as a MIDI controller, it is the first to completely hide the electronic components from view. This new jacket hides a number of sensors that are able to sync to iOS and Android devices to produce music through movements that the wearer makes.

The current design of the jacket includes a front pocket with three touch sensors, a sleeve with an accelerometer, and another sleeve with a joystick and four buttons. Moving your arm at certain speeds can change the tempo of the music you’re producing, and the touch sensors can, for example, act as keys for a keyboard or piano. The jacket also hides a USB power supply.

Not only is there already a VST instrument available for Ableton Live music software, but Machina is also developing an iOS and Android app for the jacket. The jacket is also handmade because of the complexity of the electronics inside, and can be owned by contributing $400 to the Kickstarter project.