M-BOYLE Illuminated Sportspack


el_backpack.JPGAnother illumination in the Wearable Electronic domain is a backpack that uses light for safety purpose. Riding a bicycle in foggy weather or in the evening and during nighttime has it’s risk. Very often accidents happens because the bicycle driver is seen too late.The Australia based company M-BOYE has created the Illuminated Sportspack that addresses the visibility issues especially for bicycle riders but also for anyone who uses the Sportspack in poor light conditions.

The Illuminated Sportspack has a volume of 20 liter. It’s slim design keeps the weight close to the center of gravity. EL-strips are integrated on the front and the backside. One of them can be switched to a blinking mode to increase your visibility in the dark and foggy conditions.

The EL-foils are powered by 2 AA batteries that will light up the stripes for around 80 hours, should be enough for even the most extended night time ride you plan.

Function and functionality with safety in mind make the Illuminated Sportspack a Wearable Electronic product that is practical and innovative in design.


We haven’t seen any smaller backpacks on their Website. Would be a very good idea to have smaller types especially for the kid’s to make them more visible on the way to School.

M-BOYE is selling the Illuminated Sportspack for around 85.- US$ (95.- AUD) on their Website.