Lumus Glass competitor revealed



Headsets like Google Glass seem to be becoming more and more popular, and an ever increasing number of products are being released. There’s one new company that’s stepping into the augmented reality headset game – Lumus. Lumus is probably best known for their military grade heads up displays (HUD’s) which have been used in F-16 and A-10 US Air Force helmets. Well Lumus is now taking a leap into consumer level products, and their debut product looks strangely like Glass.

The device is called the DK-40, and while it might look a lot like Glass it’s really a little different. Instead of having a small portion of your vision showing notifications, the DK-40 uses the entire lens of the Lumus as a see-through 640-480 display. Not only does it do that, but it also includes the use of a 5 megapixel camera and a motion sensor, both things that will come in handy in creating a convincing augmented reality device. This is great news for developers, as they can take advantage of having a much bigger space to work with for their applications.

The device itself runs on Android, but Lumus doesn’t intend to mass produce the device. Instead they’re hoping to sell the lens technology to other companies for them to use in their own augmented reality devices. The DK-40 Developer Kit itself is a tool intended to show developers exactly what the technology can do.

The kit will include an SDK that gets developers up to speed on creating apps for the technology.