Lumus DK40 Smartglasses Could Give Glass Some Competition


Glasses haven’t always been so smart. It used to be that these lens and plastic contraptions served one purpose only, to help us see better. Sure, that’s pretty smart in its own right, particularly if you go back a century or two, but it’s not as smart as interacting with our phones or letting us see cool virtual reality stuff overlaid right over the real world! Now that stuff is smart, Harvard smart. Not too many people own a pair of these nifty doodads yet, but that will change once Google’s Glass drops into the public sphere and many of its competitors drop their babies on an unsuspecting public. Speaking of just that, here is yet another would be competitor to the house Google (sorta) built.

Lumus have been busy designing smartglass prototype designs for military applications, real cool spy stuff. They are taking that know how and adopting it to the consumer sphere, with their DK40 smartglasses. These is the real deal people and could actually disrupt Google’s eventual rise to the golden throne. First of all, they are actual glasses and not just a weird thing that sorta seems like glasses that goes over your glasses if you wear glasses. They can be outfitted with any frame you like. The overlaid augmented reality optics receive a significant improvement, also, over its competitors. It uses a proprietary embedded beam system to power its fake reality which, according to experts, offers up a clearer and more natural view.

As far as the nuts and bolts go, the company says these frames won’t be available for purchase until about a year or a year and a half from now. Obviously, with that extended time frame, no price has been announced. We’ll let you know more when we know more.