Lumo Looses the Belt with the Lift


Lumo BodyTech already has wearable technology that you can purchase and use in the form of the Lumo Back belt, but now they’ve introduced a second gadget known as the Lumo Lift. This gadget, which clips to your collar or shoulder, has the same function as the Lumo Belt, but is a bit more convenient, easier to wear, and better for sitting down with. The Lift will cost $59-$79 and will ship in Spring 2014.


Rather than spending money on producing the Lumo Lift out of pocket, Lumo BodyTech is taking the initiative to crowdfund the gadget on their site. This is following a successful crowdfund for the Lumo Back earlier in their career. Hosting on their own site has numerous advantages, mainly in that Kickstarter tends to take a hefty percentage of the final goal. The crowdfunding campaign is hosted in the form of pre-orders, and so far, Lumo BodyTech has raised more than double their initial $200,000 goal, with some 5,700 pre-orders. Considering the campaign still has 22 days to go, they should get a bit further before production starts.

What is the Lumo Lift?

The Lumo Lift is a posture correcting gadget that alerts you each time your posture changes for the worse. The idea is that with alerts, and an app to tell you how you sit, you can reduce back pain and improve your posture without expensive therapy or treatment, which is currently one of the only other alternatives. The Lumo Lift vibrates to remind you to straighten your back or your shoulders, which is better for your health, and increasingly, your attitude as well. Because it sits on your shoulder instead of at your back, it’s easier and more comfortable to wear, especially for those who spend a great deal of time sitting down.

How Does It Work?

While the Lumo Back measures the spine from the base of your back, the Lumo Lift measures from the top. According to Lumo BodyTech, the lift measures your position based on your shoulders and the position from the top of the spine which is just as accurate. Because the Lumo also includes metric sensors that and an accelerometer, it will also alert users to distance traveled, calories burned, and steps taken. However, the posture correcting technology is still the most promising feature on the Lumo Lift.

Lift vs. Back?

If you’re wondering how to choose between the Lumo Lift and the Lumo Back then don’t worry, the decision is actually easier than you think. The Lumo Back is designed for people who are primarily sitting down at work, while the Lumo Lift is designed for more active people who might have to travel, more around, and frequently change positions. Because it’s lighter and less cumbersome, it’s the perfect travel option. While the current Lumo Lift clips onto the collar or shoulder, Lumo BodyTech also suggests that they plan on working on accessories to make wearing it more easy.


For now, the compatible app is only available for iOS, but Lumo BodyTech should be working on an Android version in the near future. If you want the iOS version then you can pre-order yours now on to be part of the first shipment. What do you think? Will you be pre-ordering? Or are you not that worried about your posture?