Lüme Clothing is Controlled By Your Smartphone



These days there is an app for everything. Well, almost everything. Soon we’ll be able to control even our clothing straight from our smartphone. One company is making this idea a reality. The company is called Lüme, and they’ve created a line of clothing that is customizable straight from your smartphone.

Essentially what can be controlled is the color of the clothes. This will make the clothing much more versatile and able to go with a lot more outfits.

The way that it works is that the clothing has a number of small lights embedded in the design. Despite being embedded in the design however, the electronics have been made to be easily removable.

The goal behind the clothing was to create clothes that could adapt to the wearers lifestyle and even their mood.

Not only do the clothes change color, but they can also respond to sound, which is an option in the application on the wearers smartphone. The lighting in the clothing can also be customized to different shapes, such as polka dots, flowers, and so on.

When the lighting isn’t in use, the clothing is still usable, and is simply an everyday piece of black clothing.