LumaGlo Freedom Lighting is a Multicolored LED Strip


And then the big guy upstairs said, let there be light, and there was light for he presented wearable technology to the world. Wait, what? Sorry, got away from myself for a second. Anyways, lighting applications tend to be a rather large staple of the wearable tech-o-verse. After all, we live in darkness for half of our lives and anything we can snag on to that makes that darkness less, well, dark is okay by us. Humanity craves lighting sources ever since that one guy came down the mountain to give us fire(for which he was punished severely.) Today we have a pretty nifty idea, wearable LED lighting strips of various sizes.

It’s called the LumaGlo Freedom Lighting system. Essentially they are these multicolored LED strips that fold, bend and mount to just about anything. That means you can wear them around your neck, your waist and also the objects in your daily life. Your bicycle? Covered with the things. The same goes for parts of your house that need a colored light boost. Even better? They use the magic of Bluetooth to interact with your smartphone. You can then use that smartypants phone to control any aspect of the strip, from turning it off and on to changing the colors. It’s pretty cool.

The strips come in a variety of sizes, from three feet to fifteen feet of pure colored light awesomeness. This system is not out yet, but you can pre-order yourself a set of waggling on over to their Kickstarter and plunking down some of your hard-earned coin. In the meantime, I dunno, duct tape a flashlight to your chest? That’ll work.