LUM Shirts Light Up With Whatever Your Mind Can Think Up


How often have you gotten a great idea for a t-shirt but then realized you have absolutely no earthly way to create one? Now how often did you wish this non-existing shirt idea could glow bright neon? The answer, of course, is a billion times. That is why the wearable technology industry exists, to solve many of humankind’s problems that we just haven’t been able to get around to until now. Enter this shirt quandary. Surely the sector hasn’t advanced enough that we can now design our own bright neon shirts on the fly? That is madness! Well, chalk one up for madness. This now exists.

Introducing LUM Apparel and their curious line of t-shirts and tanks that do just that. It works by having light “embedded” into the shirt. All you have to do is hold a smartphone, tablet or LED, with image in tow, up to the shirt and let the patented fabric do the rest. Before long whatever image resided on that smartphone or tablet will be etched into your shirt like a glowing star of wondrous awesomeness. This can be drawings, handwriting or full photos. Sweet! Now you can have that glowing Garfield “I hate Mondays” shirt you always knew you wanted. The only downside? This image only lasts five minutes.

The designers have turned to Kickstarter to secure final funding for the shirts and tanks. We think they will be successful given, as of this writing, they were only around $1,000 away from reaching their goal with 20 days left in the fund. The best part? Early adopters get their very own LUM for just 20 bucks.