Looxcie 3 Action Cam Gets Even More Wearable


You know what rules? Taking pictures of stuff. You know what sucks? Experiencing stuff that rules and then forgetting to take a picture of it. Nothing is sadder. You are left with a pathetic after-image of a thing that just happened that nobody would ever believe because “pics or GTFO.” We live in an image saturated world, after all. The Looxcie action cam burst on the scene a couple of years ago and put a temporary end to all of that sadness. These cameras sense movement or “action” and take pictures accordingly. In essence they remember to photograph the moment so you don’t have to. Now they’ve up and improved themselves yet again. Introducing the Looxcie 3.

The Looxcie cameras are designed to be worn on the chest and the Looxcie 3 is no different. If anything, the design has become imminently more wearable, thanks to a new lighter product. The Looxcie 3 clocks in at a miniscule 1.3 ounces, making it the lightest camera of its kind. You won’t even know its on, which is also good for snapping the occasional action pic. Otherwise, it can record videos in 720p and works in tandem with your smartphone. The device can also automatically upload vids to your Facebook feed. Yay social networking!

The Looxcie 3 will be available this holiday season for the reasonable price of one hundred clams. Hey, that means it will be around on Christmas, which means you can get some sweet action shots of your Aunt Mabel insulting the way you cooked the ham yet again! Here is a video shot with the thing.