It Looks Like Valve is Getting Into the VR Headset Game


Valve. They were once a software company known for game-changing hits in the genre of first person shooters. Then, against all odds, they managed to completely reinvent how people buy game software online. Anyone who has played a PC game in the past five years has, probably, bought that game using Steam, the software they set up that allows people to ,uh, buy other software. They have become the iTunes of sort for PC gaming. Then, they announced the Steam Machine. These new PCs will add a new layer to their dominance, acting as a sort of bridge between your television and your console, with a brand new kind of controller that brings tactile simulation into the mix.

Now, they are back with an even greater possibility. It looks like Valve are getting into the VR headset game, primed to give Oculus/Facebook Rift a serious run for their Zuck bucks. The company is set to show off their own SteamVR hardware at next week’s Game Developer’s Conference in beautiful San Francisco, California. Details are scant, non-existent really. However, the fact that they will be showing off something should be exciting enough. This comes despite multiple denials by the company that they wanted anything to do with the VR space.

The company has even announced, via tweet, that they are looking for new hires to help them iron out the kinks in this new hardware. So, uh, if that’s your bag why don’t you go and apply? I’m more of a ‘wear’ the technology kind of guy rather than a ‘make’ it kind of guy. If wishes were horses, am I right?  We’ll let you know more next week during GDC.