Looks Like Someone Just Filed A Trademark for “iWatch” in Japan



So far the iWatch has really only been rumors. A lot of rumors, and rumors that are very compelling, but rumors nonetheless. Well some evidence that seems to be a little more concrete has recently been released. It seems that Apple has filed for a trademark for the name “iWatch” in Japan.

The news of the trademark comes form Bloomberg, who say that the trademark was filed on June 3rd. The filing also included information such as a “handheld computer or watch device”, which gives further evidence that the filing is for the iWatch.

This trademark also gives big clues as to what the device will be called. No information on the name has been leaked so far, with rumors about the iWatch really only referring to it as the iWatch because of the obvious name choice. But this new information is the most concrete evidence we have so far that the device will in fact be called the iWatch.

The iWatch could be released anywhere from late this year to late next year, and is expected to have many of the same features as other iDevices. It is expected that it will also run iOS, and be able to connect with other Apple products. It’s about time Apple had another groundbreaking device, as they haven’t really released anything big since the 2010 release of the iPad.