LiveMap Motorcycle Helmet is Like Google Glass for Bikers


Soon, very soon indeed, we’ll have Google Glass technology installed in our ocular sockets so we can see the world as we see the world. Until that wondrous and dystopian day arrives, we’ll have to rely on clunky pieces of technology that affix to our heads to do that trick. Well, either that or we can throw that tech into a helmet. Helmets are the perfect way to embed massive amounts of eye-based tech. They are already worn, and the guts can be hidden inside so nobody would ever be the wiser. Having said that, here is a forthcoming tech-heavy helmet that is especially made for you Sons of Anarchy fans out there.

The LiveMap motorcycle helmet is sort of like Google Glass for the Harley Davidson enthusiast in all of us. Created by a group of tech veterans hailing from Russia, the LiveMap offers a heads-up GPS display to let you know where you are going so you can avoid sudden turns and what is known in the biking world as “pratfalls.” The helmet also adjusts for day and night viewing and contains a gyroscope so it always knows which direction you are facing so it can act accordingly. The software is Android-based so you can expect some other apps to roll out for it at some point as well.

The creators have taken to Indiegogo to collect funds to make sure this rolls out to store shelves on schedule. You can be the first hog on your block to sport this bad boy for the low, low price of $1,500. Wait, that’s not a low price at all but it is the same price the early adopters of Glass had to pay. Here’s a video of the LiveMap in action.