LinkMe Bracelet Puts a Scrolling Billboard on Your Wrist


Usually when we write about things that go on your wrist, we are about to launch into yet another new smartwatch that is promising to change our lives. Not this time. Not this day. No, today we are going to discuss an actual armband that goes around your wrist. The clincher? It doesn’t even tell the time. Well, actually, it does tell the time. Drat! Smartwatches why do you insist on ruling the world?

The LinkMe bracelet is just about the most useless, and most awesome, gadget imaginable. What does it do? You slap this bad boy around your wrist, and the embedded LED screen acts as a billboard that displays texts right on your arm. This is great for cute, quirky little snippets. This is not so great for sexts or jerky friends that love to play pranks. The functionality is pretty simple. All someone has to do is text you using the related LinkMe app and that text will then show up on your wrist, in all of its LED glory. Just think. Now everyone can know that your friend is going to be fifteen minutes late for dinner. Imagine the possibilities!

When the armband is not in use displaying texts, it functions as a, you guessed it, wristwatch. The coolest part about this gizmo? It runs for two whole weeks on one single charge. That is some smart power consumption. It’s not yet available in stores, but it will retail for around $150. You can snag one early, and at a discount, by hitting up the company’s Kickstarter page. Kickstarter, more like wrist-starter. Amrite?