Limmex – The Stylish Emergency Watch


There’s no doubt that many of the emergency watches that have been released in the past couple of years aren’t exactly the most stylish pieces of gear. Many of them seem to be huge chunks of metal that reside on your wrist and make you feel like you’re weight training on your hike. For those of us who DON’T want that kind of an emergency watch, there’s Limmex.

Limmex, a Swiss company, released their line of emergency watches a couple of months ago. It is designed to be a simple yet stylish take on emergency watches, which it accomplishes quite well. It works on a built in miniature SIM card that is provided by Limmex. A subscription to the service is required and this is done through Limmex.

In an emergency, all you need to do to activate the watch is press a button. A call will be made and you can speak to the person on the other end using the built in microphone and speaker. A big drawback to the service, however, is the fact that it can’t be used without phone service, so this watch might not be the best option for some of those hiking trips out in the boonies, though as time goes on you should be able to connect 100% of the time. Other than athletes, this watch could be especially helpful for elderly people or people with serious health problems.

As mentioned before, the main feature that this watch has over other emergency watches is the fact that it is stylish. The watches have a nice leather strap and a classy design for their face. They also come in a range of different models, so there should be one out there for everyone.

Currently the watch only works in Switzerland and Germany, however on the Limmex website it says that they are “building up partnerships in other countries”. In other words, we may not see the watch in the U.S. for a while, but if you are reading this and happen to live in Switzerland or Germany then this may just be the emergency watch for you!