Lightup Handbag by Solas Fashion


Lightup Handbag by Solas Fashion

Take the style of sophisticated handbags, add the practicality of an interior light to easily locate your essentials in dark and you end up with the perfect blend of chic and function.

Kara Kurcz decided to incorporate a neon light into the frame of her bags. The positive feedback on her creation let to the developed of a complete range of bags and she started Solas Fashion in 2006 to bring the bags to the market.

To light up the interior of a handbag was first demonstrated in a cooperation between leather and bag specialist Bree, Bayer Polymers, one of the world’s largest plastics manufacturers and Lumitec, a specialist in electroluminescence (EL) and precision electronic components. But the Bree handbag was just a demonstrator and was never followed through to market introduction.

It was up to Solas Fashion to create and develop the market by continuously adding more styles and expand the range of handbags every season.

Lightup Handbag by Solas Fashion

The bags need 2 AA batteries for the light. The light is switched on or off when opening and closing the bag via the magnetic button. No worry, you won’t light up a whole room with your handbag, it’s just enough to find what you are looking for in your bag.

Thanks to celebrity endorsement from the likes of Vanessa Manillo, Scarlett Johansson and Cameron Diaz, the Solas bags have reached a wide audience and fan base.

If you had every difficulties to find something in your bag, go and browse through the different styles and types of bags in Solas online shop.