Lighten up your life


luminex1.jpgLuminex is creating a type of luminescent fiber by weaving fibre-optics into fabric. This fabric can be used and treated like any other type of fabric. The fibers are attached to super bright LED’s that are controlled via a microchip with a battery power source.

The fibers are colorless by default, but they emit whatever color the microchip instructs them to emit. For example by adding a optical sensor, the clothes glow by constantly changing the colors to match the surroundings. Walk from room to room in a dark club and you’ll change colors like a chameleon. Or imagine using audio sensors to make the colors pulsate with the surrounding music.

Luminex’s Cristiano Peruzzi says: “It is a fabric containing, amongst other things, fibre-optics, but there is also a technical side to it. The system consists of cabling, and the fibre-optics are lit by high-efficiency LEDs.”

There are more immediate applications, everything from clothes for special events or occasions and accessories but also furnishings, cushions etc. And there is also a range of applications that are more technical, such as the security and emergency services.

The Italian Fashion house Solo Sposa, which is doing bridal dresses, is using Luminex glowing fabrics for some of their models.

Follow the link above and go to collection 2005 / Patricia couture and check out the Luce models – very nice looking.

Luminex offers various articles in their online store.