LIGHT WING Training Shoes Are Ridiculously Light


We all know exercising, aka training, is good for you. It’s bikini/swimsuit season and heaven knows we need all the help we can get(blast you cronut.) Still, we are lazy and getting off the couch, putting our shoes on and heading outdoors in the sweltering heat isn’t exactly our idea of a good time. Those shoes are so heavy! They are at least twice the heft of our feet and our piggies are certainly not svelte. What if, follow me for a second, our shoes were so light that we could barely feel them dangling on those feet? What if that changed everything? At the very least we’d have to think of new excuses as to why we aren’t working out.

Wonder no longer! Introducing the capitals loving LIGHT WING training shoes. These trainers may gorge on huge letters but you wouldn’t be able to tell by wearing ’em. They are significantly lighter than fabric shoes like Converse while still remaining perfect for training outdoors. If you’ve ever tried to run, or even walk a long distance, with Converse you know that it is no easy feat. In fact it’s downright murder on the toesies. It’s all thanks to a new kind of paper called TYVEK(also with the caps.) This durable paper makes canvas and fabric look like, well, old paper.

They aren’t out yet so for now you’ll have to just, I dunno, cut a bunch of a looseleaf paper into the shape of a shoe and see if that works. You can get on board early though by funding their Kickstarter. You’ll get an early bird price of $50 for a pair.