LifeWatch V is the smartphone that also acts as your personal doctor


lifewatch 1
Hypochondria can be an expensive affliction. You are constantly going to this doctor and that doctor and complaining of this ailment and that ailment. Those medical bills add up. Not to get political, but health care aint free. There has to be a better way to make sure you are doing alright than trotting off to the MD every time you have a new ache or a new mole on your posterior. Well, now, there is. Enter the LifeWatch V, the smartphone that is also kind of, sort of a doctor.

The LifeWatch V looks like a smartphone, it acts like a smartphone and, well, it smells like a smartphone. This Android-based marvel is so much more, though. Sensors inside the gadget can measure your pulse, body fat index, stress level and can even perform a simple electrocardiogram. Other sensors can measure your body temperature and blood glucose level. That’s a lot of vitals monitoring for one device. After the tests, the phone uploads all of the information to the cloud where you can stare at it longingly or, um, send it to the doctor. Let’s go more with the doctor option. You can only stare at an EKG reading for so long before it starts to look like gibberish.

The LifeWatch V was built in Israel by a Swiss company called, fittingly, LifeWatch AG. The company has not given any word as to when it will ship and, more importantly, how much this bad boy will cost. Let’s get healthy! It’s about damned time.

Check below for more images and a very healthful and informative video.