LifeTrak Zone R415 is a Pretty Nifty Smartwatch


Ah, the humble smartwatch. Unless you’ve been hiding under a Internet-disabled rock for the past couple of years you have no doubt heard of these genre-smashing intelligent watches. In that span of time, just about every company on Earth has either released one of these bad boys or announced plans to release one in the near future. Because CES is going on this week, you would be wise to suspect that a whole lot of smartwatches were unveiled. You’d also be right. Here is yet another smartwatch vying for that lucrative space on your wrist.

LifeTrak have been on the scene for a while now, but now they are trying to one-up even themselves. They are using CES to unveil the Zone R415 smartwatch. What’s the big deal? Why should this device slap on your wrist when the competition is so fierce? Well, it does offer some bells and whistles. Not only does it do the usual smartwatch type stuff, hooking up to your phone and the like. However, it’s also a fitness tracker so you can know in no uncertain terms just how lazy you are. Speaking of lazy, it even tracks your heart rate. We recommend monitoring it as you eat an extra large pepperoni pizza.

LifeTrak have stated it will launch sometime before summer, and should retail for around $130. Hey, that’s not so bad. Maybe you should give this watch another look. In the meantime, there are plenty of other smartwatches in the sea, some of them by LifeTrak themselves.