The LifePROTEKT S-911 Bracelet Offers Real Protection to People with Autism


Wearable technology has been introduced into a number of different fields including entertainment and medical, but for the most part, there is not a lot of real technology for autistic children or adults. LifePROTEKT, however, has multiple bracelets designed for use in the medical industry for children and adults with autism, Alzheimer’s, or even the elderly who are prone to wandering. Their S-911 bracelet is specifically designed to track people who wander so that their guardians can keep up with them, and even get alerts when they leave a certain area.

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The LifePROTEKT S-911 bracelet features a GSM cell phone with built in contact list that can be dialed with a few pushes of a button. The S-911 also features a built in GE0-Fence with text alerts to a cell phone when the person goes in or outside of the ‘fenced’ area, allowing parents to keep track of their kids when they wander away from the yard or house, and guardians to keep up with when anyone else leaves a specific area. Setting danger areas allows the bracelet to send alerts when the wearer goes near a dangerous area, such as a lake if they can’t swim. Built in Assisted GPS tracking allows the LifeProtekt to be tracked with assistance from emergency services, and allows both indoor and outdoor tracking so that the bracelet wearer caan be located inside of homes and public buildings. The LifeProtekt also features an emergency SOS button for calling the authorities, a shock sensor, and a speed sensor for when in use by elderly adults who might be prone to speeding. The bracelet is essentially a one-size-fits-all emergency bracelet for children and adults, and even has a tamper resistant casing to prevent the wearer from changing settings. However, the bracelet can be taken off should the wearer choose. A security band that cannot be removed is also available for buyers who need it. Secure GPS tracking is available for a monthly fee for anyone concerned about someone else tracking the bracelet.


Why A GPS Tracker?

Men, women, and children with autism, Alzheimer’s, and even age related issues get lost every day and some of them are never found. Studies show that by adding a GPS tracker to the equation, the average wanderer is found in under 30 minutes, which not only reduces stress but the danger to the person wandering as well. When you consider that parents can receive alerts when their child first wanders too far, some children might never get lost, because their parents already know when to go and get them. While the technology isn’t perfect, it is definitely a huge step in the right direction for parents and for personal guardians of anyone prone to wandering or forgetting where they are.

Getting It

While the LifeProtekt S-911 does offer a lot of features, it is also relatively expensive at $330 with an optional additional $395 a year service plan. However, users are not charged a monthly fee unless they upgrade their services, which is $19.95 a month. For anyone who needs the tracking and the geofence, the bracelet is well worth the money and a great deal more sophisticated than many other tracking chips that are available. However, there are many cheaper options available, such as the Pal from Project Lifesaver, which while not as advanced only costs $99 for basic tracking which is all many parents need.