LifeBeam’s Sports Headband Measures Your HeartRate and Totally 80s


If you’ve ever wished you could go back in time fashion wise then you’re in luck, LifeBeam, a company that manufactures a number of vitals monitoring gadgets, has a sports headband that you can wear when you run, workout, or flirt with the girls. The headband is more than just a relic of the 80s gym spree though, it’s also a fully functional heart rate monitor that you can slip on easily over your head. LifeBeam advertises their sports headband as a comfortable alternative to wearing a band around your chest, but it’s also a lot more convenient for those of us who don’t mind the look.

How Does the Sports Headband Work?

The Sports Headband features a built in sensor and wireless Bluetooth transmitter that keeps track of your heart rate based on skin temperature and your pulse around the sensor. The data is then transmitted to your mobile phone or device using Bluetooth 4.0 or ANT + so that you can keep track of your heart rate in real time. LifeBeam claims that the headband is just as accurate as a chest band but because it’s on your head instead of around your chest, it’s easier to take on and off, and a lot more convenient. The headband also integrates with most sports apps so that you can add the heart rate sensing into the other factors you use your mobile phone to test for, such as speed, distance, or a GPS route. Because it’s a headband, it can be worn under a hat or helmet, or on its own for a more 80s look. From the website, the Sports Headband is available in blue, grey, and teal, but no basic colors like black or white.
The ANT+ compatibility allows the sports headband to work with any ANT compatible device including treadmills, exercise bikes, most exercise apps and gadgets, or more than 390 products that are on the market today.

I Want One

If you happen to want one of Lifebeam’s awesome gadgets then you’re more than a little out of luck. While the company goes out of their way to say how awesome their tech is, they don’t really actually say where to buy it or how much it costs. In fact, because most of LifeBeam’s technology is developed for military use, we can only assume that they are waiting for wholesale buyers to pick this one up, meaning that your best bet is probably to ask at your local high tech sports store. However, the same company started a succesful campaign on IndieGoGo in April of 2013, successfully raising $60,000 for their SMART helmet, which offers much of the same technology in a helmet. Because the SMART helmet is $250, you can probably save money by getting the headband instead.

While the headband is not listed up for sale, you can go invest in the SMART biking helmet for almost the exact same technology, albeit in a larger form factor.