LG to Unveil Circular Smartwatch to Compete With Moto 360


Smartwatches continue their slow, yet steady, ascent to the top of the technology food chain. One thing about smartwatches, however, is that for the longest time they weren’t too concerned with aesthetics. They were primarily concerned with functionality. In the past year, though, form and function have merged to create the kinds of snazzy little watches like Moto’s 360 circular smartwatch. It’s hard to imagine that before the 360, there simply weren’t very many circular smartwatches, considering most traditional watches are circular. Oh well. It’s here now and it looks like it is about to get some stiff, and circular, competition, if LG has any say about it.

LG, who you may remember from your television, oven, washing machine and every other thing that has ever existed, have teased that they are about to unveil their very own circular smartwatch, intended to rival Moto’s fabulous 360. The G Watch R(which we can assume stands for ’round’) is an aesthetic update of their previously released G Watch model. If we can use that original watch as our guide, we can assume the G Watch R will have similar specs, including vitals monitoring and Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone. Official details have yet to be released, as the company has only unveiled a teaser video(which you can see below.)

LG seems to be pumping out these watches pretty quickly, so although no official release date has been announced, one can assume it could be within the next month or so. In the meantime, the Moto 360 owners of the world can hold on to these last precious weeks in which we are wearing the snazziest looking smartwatch around.