LG Smart Activity Tracker features touchscreen, related apps and more


To most people, LG is a little known company that makes televisions and other related gadgets. We here at Crunchwear know better though, don’t we? They have been on the nexus of wearable tech for quite some time, never afraid to experiment by making, well, really weird stuff. So it’s nice to see them step back a bit and ready something that is easily described. That’s right. LG is working on a fitness monitor.

They are calling it the Smart Activity Tracker, not to be confused with the recently announced Withings competitor, and it seems to be a mish-mash of just about every fitness tracker out there. The features read like a laundry list of everything you’d want in such a device: Dotted LED display? Check. Compatible with both iOS and Android via a related app? Check. Bluetooth functionality, a decent accelerometer and an altimeter(for accurate location data) round out the similarities to other devices.

LG’s new baby has something the competitors don’t, however. It has a fully swipeable touchscreen. That’s right, a touchscreen on an armband. Pretty nifty, right? This makes it easy to swipe through music playlists, exercise routines and more. Basically, swiping a screen is easier to do while mid-run then fumbling with a set of buttons. All of the devices we have broken during morning jogs scream out in agreement.

Not only will this device pair with your smartphone, it’ll also pair with your smart TV. LG is developing a host of smart TV apps that make use of the gadget, letting you access graphically intensive fitness apps that an armband would have no hope of displaying. Speaking of displaying, the company has yet to display a release date or price. We’ll let you know when they do.