LG Prepares to Release 3G-Capable Smartwatch


Smartwatches are primed to take over the world. However, there are some issues that need to be addressed in the future. For one, most of the notable smartwatches out there demand Bluetooth-connectivity and constant contact with your phone. This means, of course, that you must have your phone on you in order for your watch to do much of anything. Some companies are getting hip to this jive, however, and starting to slowly trickle out smartwatches that receive wireless service all by themselves, thus freeing themselves from the tether of the smartphone. LG is one such company, as it has just been unveiled that they are prepping their very own 3G-enabled smartwatch.

LG has already made some inroads with their G Watch R smartwatch design, however this new watch will be a step up from even that. The aesthetics and functionality should work similarly to the G Watch, with the added benefit of being able to work all by its lonesome, without the need for any smartphone whatsoever. Finally, your pockets can be freed from all that excess weight! Finally you can send and receive texts with impunity. As far as aesthetics, this new watch should be a bit smaller than the G Watch R. Smaller is always good, unless we are talking pizza. Then smaller is never good.

LG just filed with the FCC for formal approval of release, so it shouldn’t be too long before we hear word from the powers that be at LG as to when we can put that watch on our wrists. Hopefully it’ll see release sometime early next year. We’ll keep you posted.