LG Patent Shows Off New Head-Mounted Display Technology


Let’s paint an all too common scenario. The year? 2010. You are crowded in your friend’s living room, excited to watch the series finale of LOST. The beer is flowing. The snacks are plentiful. The feeling of excitement is palpable. Then what happens? You get squeezed on the edge of the couch, having to crane your head to even see the television. Some living rooms are just not made to seat many people comfortably and the same can be said for televisions, tablets or any other viewing device. Well, craning your poor tired head may be a thing of the past thanks to a new patent just issued by electronics giant LG.

LG have always been dipping their toes in the wearable technology sphere. Now they may just be diving in. The patent shows a wearable device in the form of a head-mounted display that is only activated when it senses you are having trouble seeing what is on screen. If you can see the television or tablet fine then you’ll watch it like normal. However, if you turn your head to see something else, the display will activate and throw up an image of the television right to your eyeballs. Don’t worry. It’ll remain unobtrusive so the other stuff going on in that living room can get the attention it deserves. Pretty cool tech right?

Of course, this is only a patent and may not even come to fruition. Still, it’s great tech that can only serve to make future TV-watching parties more fun than ever before. Let us know what you think in the comments below but, please, don’t give any spoilers to the ending of LOST.