LG Officially Unveils Rounded G Watch R Smartwatch


It’s no secret that the days of the square and bulky smartwatch are nearly done with. The world reached into the heavens and clamored for smartwatches with rounded and aesthetically pleasing designs. The wearable technology Gods listened, first delivering the appropriately named Moto 360 and the crowds were somewhat sated. Now, as previously rumored, LG has officially unveiled their entrant into this whole round smartwatch game. May the rounded of you achieve victory and take home the gold! Wait, I’ve just been told that the consumer electronics industry does not work similarly to the Olympics. Well, aint that a bummer.

In any event, LG just pulled the lid off of their G Watch R smartwatch. You’ll never guess what the ‘R’ in G Watch R stands for! Wait, you guessed already? You are good. That’s right. It stands for round, as this watch features a very pleasing, and Moto 360-like, rounded design. You may notice that the company has already put out a previous smartwatch called the G Watch. LG says that they are not looking to replace that design, rather just to offer consumers another aesthetic option. On that note, the functionality of this watch is eerily similar to its squared counterpart. In other words, it operates using the Android Wear platform to achieve most of the things you’ve come to expect from the current wave of smartwatches.

LG says the watch will be available for purchase sometime in October or November, however they have not announced a pricing model. One could assume it would be on par with the regular G Watch, which retails for around $229.