LG Lifeband Touch leaked days before CES 2014 announcement



2013 was a big year for wearable technology. Companies like Google, Samsung, Sony and so on all saw the release of some major products. 2014, however, is set to be even an even bigger year for wearables, and companies will be announcing new products as early as in the next few weeks at CES. These companies include LG.

Last week we were told that LG was working on a wearable product for 2014, and it was suspected that we would see a smartwatch or bracelet. While LG might actually release both, one of those was recently leaked via Twitter account @evleaks, who leaked a photo of what is supposed to be LG’s “Lifeband Touch” fitness band.

While the device may look a lot like other fitness bands on the market today, the name of the device suggests that it has a touch surface, allowing easier interaction with the devices UI.

This leak goes hand in hand with the fact that LG showed off a fitness activity tracker at last years CES show. That device was supposed to be able to pair with your LG smartphone, LG TV, and be able to track your activity. Unfortunately we never saw a release of the device. Could it show up in a new and improved version at CES 2014? It seems that it’s highly likely that it will!