LG Heart Rate-Tracking Earbuds Set to Arrive in Stores Soon


Why, in my day, headphones were just used to listen to the eternal and jamming tunes of bands like Phish and Kenny Loggins. We’d walk around carrying hefty things called ‘walkmen’ and manually rewind and fast forward tape just for the heck of it. Also, once in a while we’d hold boomboxes in front of girl’s bedroom windows as we played Peter Gabriel. Uh, yeah. In any event, wearable technology has of course invaded the worlds of headphones and earbuds. Why shouldn’t it? The marriage makes perfect sense. LG has long been rumored to be creating earbuds that track your heart rate, in addition to actually playing sound. Don’t look now. They are just about to arrive in stores and, thus, inside of your ears.

LG have long had their hand in many gadget-filled cookie jars, so the transition to earbuds makes perfect sense. Their heart-rate sensing headphones even use Bluetooth to connect to your phone, tablet or what have you. Anything that eliminates the need for more ornery cords is way cool by my estimation. Cords suck. In any event, these supposedly are simple to use and simply work as advertised. Pop ’em in your ears and let the endless flow of heart rate information fill your brain up like so much chocolate pudding. Wait, what?

So yeah. They should be arriving in stores shortly. Get in line now. Actually, don’t get in line because that is probably totally unnecessary and it’s freezing and you’d probably catch your death. The price is still unknown.