LG Finally Dips Toes Into the World of Virtual Reality


We all know that virtual reality technology is going to take over the world. That’s not even a debatable fact. After all, why would anyone want to cling to, blech, actual reality when they could hoist their flag onto virtual reality?! Here’s a thing – actual reality has bills and divorce lawyers, virtual reality has spaceship battles and endless pizzas. To that end, the tech world has been wondering when consumer electronics giant LG would jump on the VR train. After all, their frenemy, Samsung, has been making some big waves in that arena. Well, wait no longer. LG is finally on board.

The company recently unveiled a cradle, of sorts, for use with their G3 line of smartphones that creates a virtual reality experience. The tech is, unsurprisingly, not too dissimilar to Samsung’s own Gear VR device. LG teamed up with Google themselves to design the cradle and, from all accounts, it works pretty well. The tech seems to be on the cheap side, erring closer to something like Google Cardboard than Google Glass, so the price should be kept down to a minimum. Heck, maybe airplanes will even hand them out for free one day.

In the meantime, no actual price or release date have been assigned. Heck, there isn’t even a real name on the books as of yet. To be blunt, LG’s stab at VR could still be a long ways off. We’ll let you know new information as soon as, well, we know it! Here is another image.