LG Expected to Announce G3 and G Smartwatches on May 27th


Do you hear that? It’s the sound of cannon fire, flags being waved and guys hiding in bunkers. That’s right. The great smartwatch war of the second decade of the new millennium is heating up something fierce. No one device or company has taken the throne yet so owning this particular genre of electronics the way Apple owns tablets is still totally up for grabs. Just about every major electronics company are either already competing or expected to compete very shortly(even Apple.)  So who’s on the docket for smartwatch warfare today? Why, it’s one of your very favorite washing machine manufacturers.

LG, who don’t just make washing machines, are expected to announce their long rumored duo of smartwatches, the G3 and the G, this May. May 27th to be exact. The major hook of these rumored smartwatches is an incredible screen. While actual details are scant, it is said the screen will handily exceed 1080p, the current standard for screens everywhere. Are we looking at the world’s first 4K watches? We’ll have to see at the end of May. LG dropped this bomb via a mysteriously vague press release image which you can see above. You’ll notice that the “G” in Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote is bolded.

We’ll let you know when we have concrete information on these watches, including price and availability. Similar rumors have also indicated that the G will cost $199 and launch in June. Check back here on May 27th.