LG display uses eye-tracking to keep glasses-free 3D displays working smoothly


Slowly but surely, the world of at-home 3D displays are eschewing those cumbersome glasses. Glasses-free 3D has a major problem, though. You have to be in just the right spot to see it well. This means that roomfuls of guests will often be left out in the 3D-less cold. That is not good for Avatar-themed dinner parties. LG is on it, though. Don’t you worry your pretty little head.

Give a hearty g’day to LG’s 20-inch DX2000, an LED backlit glasses-free 3D display with an integrated webcam that tracks your eyes, so the 3D effects work from any angle. No more “sweet-spots” where the 3D needs to be viewed straight-on, like on the Nintendo 3DS. This is the wave of the future, folks. I know this tech is not actually “wearable” but it replaces inferior wearable tech so we’ll allow it. The TV also includes an on-the-fly 2D to 3D conversion, 1600×900 resolution, 5ms response time, 1,000:1 contrast ratio, 250 cd/m2 brightness level, anti-glare coating and a DVI and HDMI port.

This puppy will cost around $1,200 when it releases in a month or so.