LG Begins Mass-Producing Flexible Batteries For Watches and More


When we think of wearable technology in the future, our minds often drift to fully flexible touchscreens, batteries and similar sci-fi ideas like that. The idea of flexible tech has been something scientists and researchers have been working hard on(and making great strides to boot.) Still, we are a ways off from actually reaping the benefits of this research in the consumer sphere, right? Well, we perhaps aren’t as far as you might think. Flexible screens have been shown off at recent tech conferences and now flexible batteries are getting their moment in the sun. Your smartwatches are about to get a whole lot cooler.

LG, who you might know from a great many different cookie jars, have announced they have a fully functional and flexible battery ready to go into mass-production. You read that right. This isn’t a concept design or something sitting on a researcher’s back shelf somewhere. This bad boy is about to be mass-produced. This kind of flexible battery would be perfect for more flexible smartwatches, fully bendable touchscreens and anything like that. These batteries can be bent to their hearts content, and even tied into a knot if you are into that sort of thing(weirdo.)

The fact that they are currently being mass-produced doesn’t mean you should rush out to Best Buy right now and demand satisfaction. These newfangled batteries won’t begin showing up in LG devices until the next generation of gadgets rolls out. Look for them to start appearing on store shelves sometime next year. We will, as always, keep you posted.