LG Announces Range of Wearables to be Shown at CES


You probably own something LG made, whether you realize it or not. The long-existing technology manufacturing company has created televisions, microwaves and, well, just about everything else under the sun. One thing they haven’t dipped their toes too much into, however, is wearable technology. Well, that is all about to change if reports are to be believed. That’s right. LG is jumping in even further into the wearable tech game.

This year’s CES will be the place to get your LG wearables fix. The yearly tech consumer’s showcase is often a place for companies to show off new and upcoming wares and LG is no different. At this year’s CES, they are expected to unveil a range of wearables, including new iterations of a duo of robustly featured smartwatches called the G Watch and G Watch R. They are also unveiling a tracker called the LifeBand Touch and even a similar model aimed at children called, aw, the GizmoPal. The feels. The feeeeeels.

The G Watch line will be 3G-enabled, a first for the company, and will be powered by the beloved Android Wear platform. However, as far as price and available go, we’ll have to wait for the actual conference to know any more. Don’t worry. We’ll be there bringing you all the news thats fit to print, even if it is the Internet and printing isn’t exactly the right word. CES starts January 6th.